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"Our Christting can reach people that no one else can.  Christting is definately using an effective method that no one has yet, to reach out to our youth.
It's awesome, awesome stuff."

Donny Nelson Youth Pastor


I am fifteen and while some of my friends are sexting I am honoring God and my future husband by not.  Christing is a great way for me to share with my friends.  Michaela


“Christting is a great witnessing tool, especially for men who have a hard time "being soft" and patting or encouraging someone on the back in person. It gives men a chance to think through what they want to say before saying it. It is allot easier for some men to write it down than say it. I like Christting!
 Bink Grimes... Fellowship of Christian Athletes Leader

Welcome to the

Christting, pronounced Christ-ting is a new texting concept that is Christ centered and God honoring. So you've heard of Sexting right...where phone texts are intended to humiliate, sexually arouse and abuse others or oneself.  

Christting does the opposite! 

By doing the opposite, we mean using texts within an established group to encourage, support, pray for, and share a short study of the Bible each week.  

Over 2.4 billion people text in our world today. Statistics show that over 80% of all cell phone users text. Experience shows that once a person tries texting, they are hooked. We are told that the explosion of texters is yet to come among baby boomers in the USA.  Let’s embrace this technology and use it to glorify God and grow others in the Christian faith.

 Christting is a group activity that promotes: 

·         Texting Bible study

·         Instant prayer within a group

·         Instant advice & group support

·         Fun and positive encouragement

·         Companionship

·         Atmosphere where one can mature

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Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide a texting activity/concept that is Christ centered and God honoring worldwide. Christting includes a short text Bible study as well as group support, encouragement and prayer.


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