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Become a Christting Group Leader


I love the way Christting is working for us. I wish someone would have thought about this sooner!


Im a Christing group leader. Its so easy to lead a group and anyone can! It has brought so much encouragement and support to our group that we are ready to branch out and start new Christting groups!


“Christting is a dynamic and cutting edge way to be a witness for Christ and be
an encouragement to fellow believers“. 
Wayne Baker - New Tribes Mission

Group Leader Tips and FAQ  

Recommended Christting Guidelines click here 

Each Christting group needs a mature leader who encourages others to grow in Christ. He or she should be a student of the Bible. Becoming a group leader may be a goal many desire. It's easy. The by-product of a Christting group is growing well grounded Christian men, women, and youth throughout our nation thus changing the nation into a people that seek, honor, praise, and serve God.  

Christting works best within small groups of 4 to 12. Groups can be larger, but they can loose their personality and closeness.  

Once a group reaches its set limit, a group leader may consider asking a mature person within their group to begin a leadership role, start a new group, or take over the existing group. This is like home missions or a church planting. Some groups may choose never to split and that’s OK, also. This process can be repeated over and over again thus spreading Christting around the nation quickly. The seasoned group leader can mentor the new leader. 

 Group leaders may consider having a Christting group consisting of only Christting leaders.  

Group leaders will be responsible for keeping the group on topic and following the mission of  

Christting is a positive activity designed to encourage, educate, socialize, and stimulate prayer within an established group.

Please observe our guidelines when participating. 

Click here to view Christting’s Recommended Guidelines. 

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To print a Christting printable flyer/display sheet click here.


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