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Texting Vocabulary

Creating a group within your phone

Below is the most common way to adding a group to a phone: 

  • Go to Contacts and click on New Group.

  • Next add new member.

  • Add his or her mobile to the group you just created.

  • Save the group.

  • Give the group a special name.

  • Whenever a text is sent using the group everyone in the group will see the text.


Christting Table Top Display 
Print your own Christting display sheet & flyers.
Place sheet in plastic table top display.
We recommend Deflecto Superior Image 8 ½ x 11 with business card holder.
 This stands take up very little space and has room for cards. Click Here to open.

Start a group 

First, decide who you may want to be a part of your group. Will your group originate from an established group, like a men’s bible study.  You may want to personally invite specific individuals to be a part of your new group. Once you decide who to approach, explain the Christting concept.  Encourage them to visit this website.  Click here to print out Christting business cards.  We recommend keeping your groups small, around 4 to 12 people. You will need your members’ cell numbers and other information (refer to Group Signup sheet) to make Christting easier.   Click here to print the Group Signup sheet.    To create a group easily in your phone, refer to the instructions on the left or your owner’s manual.   

To start . . . 

  • You need a cell phone with texting and camera abilities.

  • Invite people to be in your group.

  • Group cell numbers are added into each member’s phone.  When a group text happens, all receive it.

  • Brand your group, use a cool Christian name.  Brainstorm a mission statement defining your group. 

  • Each week a member is responsible for the study. Rotation ensures everyone has the opportunity to lead.  In a group of seven, each will be responsible for a study every 7 weeks.  Group leaders should remind each person of their turn.  

  • First day, Bible study text is sent.  Thereafter, try different activities such as asking each for his or her favorite verse, random moment photo, favorite scripture put to memory, etc.   

  • If you are not adept at using texting or new to text language, use this free service  Write out your short Christting study on computer, place it in the "TextSendr", and your Christting is automatically translated into “texting vocabulary.”  This also saves space with 160 character limit per text.  Next, send to your cell from the "TextSendr". Save it on your phone until your turn. 

The Christting concept is simple, easy and requires very little time. That’s why we get comments like...                                                                                                    

 "This is so easy and effective how come no one has ever thought of it before"?

You may want to begin a Christting group today . . .

Quick links for starting your group

Print Cards Link    Print Rules Link    Print Sign Up Sheet   

To print a Christting Printable flyer/display sheet click here.


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