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Christting provides instant prayer in time of need.


Encouragement in time of need. . 



Christting provides companionship.

" In today's society where any mention of religion is prohibited in schools and government offices, Christting is a fantastic way for believers to stay connected and supported!" Sam S


Christting is effective with School teams, teachers, working Mom's with little time to attend formal bible study groups......the Christting possibilities are endless!


Wow! Christting.  What a powerful tool.

"I am involved in a small Christting group of Christian Sportsmen. Each day we encourage each other and ask each other Bible questions to test our knoledge of the Bible. We also are always sending each other pics of our outdoor experiences." "Its FUN"! Marc

 Why Christting Works

Christting is fun and speaks to texters in their language.  It creates an instant environment where loving group support thrives and people grow.  It naturally encourages bonding, trust, relationships, accountability, friendships, and growth within the Christian faith.  Groups pray for each other immediately when situations arise.  These attributes encourage lasting and true relationships especially among youth.    

Christting does the following:

  1. Encourages Bible study.

  2. Encourage one to meditate & memorize God's Word.

  3. Communicates passage intent & personal thoughts.

  4. Encourages one another with the chosen scripture.

Each Christting Bible study text includes the following: 

  • Photograph  --  phone photo.

  • Bible Study  -- verse of the day.

  • Thoughts -- writer's thoughts concerning verse.

  • Action Point  --  action encouraged by writer. 

Groups can include other activities - take a photo of an item you are around that day and see if the group can guess what it is.   Refer to the Other Christting Activities page; the possibilities are endless.

Other functions within a Christting group:

  • Instant prayer within a group when needed

  • Instant counsel & advice 

  • Instant support

  • Harmless, satisfying fun 

  • Companionship

  • Atmosphere where one can mature

By now, you can see the potential of this simple concept.  A person becomes loved and needed within this positive social group while being strengthened and encouraged.  The Holy Spirit can use this environment to mature.  Think of Christting as an electronic home fellowship group, but more accessible. 

This concept has the power to sweep our nation quickly.  It turns a somewhat negative activity into a positive!

Christting can be utilized by missionaries worldwide.  Countries like China and India are experiencing a boom among texters.  Fellow missionaries could begin their own personal Christting group made up of only missionaries supporting and encouraging each other.  Consider the possibilities . . .

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