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"As a ministry leader, I lead a small group of men and women.  Christting helps us to spiritually encourage one another on a daily basis and encourages us to stay connected to God."- Ruben

How Christting Works   

Christting has many uses.  But, is most effective when conducted within small groups. You can invite any group or person to be a part of your new group. It works well within church youth groups and on college campuses. It is especially fun to begin a group from different states.  

For groups to be effective, they should all have a secular activity that binds them together. Having BMX racing in common would make an excellent common denominator. Christian hunters, hang gliders, snowboarders, teen groups, pastors, salesmen, teachers, coaches, and the list continues.  

Examples of Groups 

Imagine the possibility of a well grounded Christting teen group on the mission to evangelize teens within their community and school. They ask a teen to be a part of their established Christting group with the intent to evangelize. The invited teen would immediately be surrounded by group support and acceptance while experiencing Bible study, prayer, and encouragement. An environment where one could easily say "yes" to Christ and give one's life to Him.

One last example, imagine staff in a hospital beginning a Christting group. They may be working on all floors during a night shift and never see each other, but Christting could take place. They could be praying for patients, encouraging each other, or asking work related advice when experiencing a unique situation with a patient. They may choose to do a Christting Bible study during their lunches or breaks.


Here are a few ideas for groups that work well:

  • Home school groups

  • Co-workers

  • Family

  • Menís groups

  • Church youth groups

  • Womenís groups

  • Church staff

  • Organizations

  • Prison release programs

  • Clubs

  • Bible study groups

  • Singles groups

  • Young married groups

  • Truck Drivers

  • Sportsmens groups

  • Law enforcement/EMS

  • Biker Groups 

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