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So Fun

"Christting is soooooo much FUN"!

How to create a Christting Bible study  

The Bible study activity should be conducted once a week at a minimum.  Some groups may desire to send Bible study Christtings twice a week or each day. A group may have other issues that arise during the week; prayer and support and encouragement are needed. Rotate through your group so each member participates in the Bible study leadership.   The Christting Bible study activity works well during personal daily Bible study time.   

Each Christting Bible study text consists of the following:

·         Photograph -- phone photo

·         Bible Study -- verse of the day

·         Thoughts -- writer's thoughts concerning verse

·         Action Point -- action encouraged by writer



Christting Bible Study Steps: 

  • Each study begins with a cell phone photo. It is preferred that the photo illustrates the study and/or supports scripture reference. 
  • Describe photo in one short sentence.
  • Write out the Bible verse and including scripture reference. 
  • Send Christting to group using MMS on your phone.
  • Immediately send SMS text reflecting your thoughts & action point about the verse.
  • Group then responds positively to the Christting they received. The study can obviously go deeper.


As you can see Christting Bible study is short, simple and fun! Begin your group today.

If you want to see examples Click here.


Sample Christtings

The following shows how short Christtings must be, 160 character limit including spaces. Remember phone photos are not the best, but get your point across. With a group of 7, you would compose one Christting every 7 weeks enabling each person in the group to have a turn. Some groups may choose to do more per week

Sample 1 Provided by Teenager Allie B.

Sample 1, reflects the photo and information, and Bible verse which is SENT.

Allie’s study will be sent immediately on a second text.

My town

My Town

Acts1610 After Paul had seen the vision, we got ready @ once 2 leave 4 Macedonia concluding that G had called us 2 preach the gospel 2 them


 I luv pretty much all of ACTS my fav part is when Luke say's somethin like HE said 2 go an preach the gospel to them  So B found faithful N JC 2day and everyday. D



Sample 2 Provided by WIHP Christting group.

Sample 2, 1 of 2 texts, reflects the photo, photo information, and Bible verse. My study will be sent immediately on a second text. This first part has 84 characters.


Our dog Rock

Prov. 26 11 As a dog that returns to his vomit, so is a fool who repeats his folly.


Below the second text, 2 of 2 texts, is composed and sent separately to give more room for the writers thoughts. This one includes 160 characters, which is the limit.  The D at the end to tell every one in the group the writer is "DONE".

Lets not B like the dog returning 2 sin over & over. C sets us free Accept this & never return Instead “taste & see that the Lord is good. Return 2 G 2day & enjoy G D



Sample 3 Provided by College Student Daniel H  

On Guard 

On Guard

1st Cor 16: 13-14, 

“Be on guard. Stand true to what you believe. Be courageous. Be strong. And everything you do must be done with love.”


Below the 2nd text of 4 

This verse I feel everyman can relate 2.  B on guard against the attacks of satan. Stand firm N the faith throughout everyday challenges hold on 2 JC.  Act like  


Below 3rd of 4 texts is sent This  text again has 160 characters,the limit.  

men...kinda a gut check from GOD 2 grow up from boyhood. B strong N every aspect. Call on Gods strength 2 provide 4 your weakness.  N all U do love. 


Below 4rd of 4 texts is sent This last text has 140 characters. Daniel shows he is done by using "D" at the end. 

..then Paul sums it up with the greatest command from JC...LOVE  its a complete verse 4 young and old N varying walks. D 



Christting Tips and Hints

 We always send our pics separate first. Next we only the text. In our area with the extra written message with the pic… it sometimes doesn’t go through.

 We take phone photos of objects and once a day someone in our group sends out a photo and asks the group what it is. We made it into a monthly contest and its fun.

 In our group we take pics of church sign messages that are clever and send them out.

 We like doing something in our group everyday and several times a day. It’s encouraging especially if it GOD related.

 Sometimes our weekly group leader just asks us questions about the bible or just sends out a verse sometime during the day. So many times the timing is so perfect like Jesus knew I needed it.

 I had to up my phone plan because this stuff is so much fun and producing fruit in my life. So make sure you have an unlimited texting plan cause every time you send a text to your group and if you are in a group of 10 you are really sending 10 texts at once.

  Since I got into a Christting group I now take it upon myself to send encouraging texts to others outside my group just to support them in times when they need it.

 I am always looking for phone photo opportunities now and save the pics on my phone to describe my own future Christtings

 I actually look forward to getting Christtings each day from my group. It’s one of the high points of my day!

 With our small group we are always trying to come up with clever outside the box fun ideas each day for our Bible Studies. It sure makes this activity fun.

 There is allot of teasing we do in our group as well as the bible stuff. I’m a fan of Christting!

I see how important it is to respond to the senders study ASAP, in this activity because the person is wondering if the study even made it out. Even if it is “got it or thanks” at the least tells the sender the study made it out. One can always respond to it later.



 We need to remember to address the group with a G every time with any of our group conservation. When addressing a specific person only use their initials only.



On my phone if I am typing out a SMS to anyone and one comes in at that time if I don’t open it right away if disappears , never to be found. When I open the inbound text the one I am working on is automatically saved and I can go back to it later and finish it.



If given size choices on photos from your phone stay with small or medium. Large and original pics many times will not go through. U can always take a pic of something save it and MMS it later.



I see now that it is important for the weekly group leader to plan ahead for that week of responsibility. A weekly group leader should at the very least send something out each day for the group to ponder. At the very least a short Biblical activity should be planned each day.

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