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Texting Vocabulary


"Becides the Bible study and other activities in Christting we regularly pray 4 each other".


"We have began a book reading Christting assighnment that is suggested on your website. It is an effective tool for our group as well as all the other things we do in our group". "Thanks Christting"!


"I am involved in a small Christting group of Christian Sportsmen. Each day we encourage each other and ask each other Bible questions to test our knoledge of the Bible. We also are always sending each other pics of our outdoor experiences." "Its FUN"! Marc


"Through CHRISTTING people can actually see the bigger and better plan God has for their life, and your group". JOEY


"Christting is about the NOW. We have an opportunity to enter into daily conversations with GOD and encourage others to join in the conversation. Just think of the GOD encounters you will have. This is powerful stuff"! Don

Other Activities within a Christting group.  

Groups can decide on other activities they may want to accomplish. One may be a Christian book reading assignment where the group reads through a book and discusses it though Christting. Books with study questions work great. Maybe reaching out to someone else, they all know, to lead him or her to Christ. The possibilities are endless.  

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The following are a few that others have used. 

  • Bible Study

  • Bible memoriaztion text your group at any time and see if they can remember the verse they are trying to memorize that week.

  • Bible checks: Ask each person in your group to take a photo of their personal Bibles. From time to time do random Bible checks to see if they have their Bibles with them on a particular day. The group sends a photo that they do.

  • Favotite verse of the week

  • Your defineing Bible verse for that year/month etc.

  • Photo of something you are doing that day.

  • Book reading asighnment and discuss a chapter each week.

  • Prayer for certin events or people.

  • Scripture guessing games.

  • Listen to a radio bible teacher and discuss the lesson

  • Watch a recommended movie and discuss.

  • Take a photo of a item you are around that day and see if the group can guess what it is.

  • What 4 dinner photos.

  • General chat and fun texting within a group.

  • Other activities.

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